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  • Up to 15 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Keep your computer safe with
    McAfee® AntiVirus
  • Includes 10 Email Accounts

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Time Warner Cable Internet Fulfills Your Need for Speed

When you are downloading music and photos, instant messaging friends and shopping online, you definitely have a need for superfast Internet speeds. Standard Internet with exclusive PowerBoost® delivers up to 15 Mbps for super fast surfing speeds.

Standard Internet Specials

  • Includes 10 Email Accounts
  • Surf at super fast speeds – You can go even faster with PowerBoost®
  • FREE Anti-Spam, Antivirus & Firewall Protection
From $34.99*
per mo for 12 mo

Standard Internet Service

With Standard Internet service, you can customize your home page, create multiple email accounts, have your questions answered, and tap into a few of the following featured benefits: Exclusive PowerBoost® can give you that extra burst of speed – at no extra cost. PowerBoost® makes downloading videos, music, games and movies faster when using Standard Internet. Gain access to some of the following when you sign up with Time Warner Cable today.

Internet - Security Suite Software

Internet security software from CA™ is available for FREE with your subscription. Software includes Firewall & Anti-Virus protection, On/Off parental controls, & more!*


Watch up to 30 new videos every day when you get your free pass to the Net’s most comprehensive video news resource.

Rhapsody – RadioPLUS

Garner entry into over 60 professionally programmed radio stations, without ads. Customize your radio station so you hear only the music you like, all the time.


As the leading provider of spoken entertainment on the Net, you can burn or download digital content directly to your PC or Mac, to your MP3 player, PDA or SMD.


Road Runner and Planeta Networks teamed up to bring you a free month of Road Runner in Spanish.

Nascar - Trackpasssm

Catch all the action during and after races. Catch “In-Car Audio Select” while the race is on. Stay connected with NASCAR TrackPasssm.

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Time Warner Cable® delivers the speed you need for the best online experience around. You can choose from a number of Internet Options and pick the package and price that suits your lifestyle and budget. Enter your address to view the Time Warner Cable Internet Deals offers available to you and order service right here at

Whether you’re a casual emailer or a gaming, shopping and file sharing fanatic, Time Warner Cable has Internet service packages, prices and speeds that meet everyone’s needs. Standard Internet Service with PowerBoost® delivers first quality service with built-in bursts of power up to twice as fast. Standard Internet with PowerBoost is way faster than DSL and delivers an extra burst of speed to make fast work of downloading large files like videos, music and images.

Time Warner Cable Internet Service includes lots of extras – at no extra cost! Time Warner Cable Internet includes Internet security software for FREE with your subscription. This software package includes Firewall & Anti-virus protection, parental controls and more.

Not sure what to look for? Click Order Online and enter your address to find the Time Warner Cable Internet Prices available to you. Or call us toll-free and a member of our Concierge Service will answer your questions and help you pick the best Internet Service that’s right for you.

Time Warner Internet, There are many reasons you might choose Time Warner Cable. It’s a no-brainer at Time Warner Cable®. Standard Internet,
Time Warner Cable, Television packages come with the features you want, the dependability you trust, and the pricing you desire! The three digital
Time Warner Cable Services will save you time and money! Time Warner Cable® offers a lot more than just great cable television, Home Phone service and Standard Internet.

Time Warner Cable Internet Plans not only keep you connected, they also get you to your favorite sites faster. In addition, if you need to upload or download files you will have them at your fingertips in seconds. Downloading pictures, music, movies, and videos has never been faster or easier than Time Warner Cable Internet. which also comes with a variety of security features including security software and virus scan.

Include Time Warner Cable Home Phone Service along with your Television and Internet to complete your telecommunications needs.